Co-pilot... heading home.

To the river with Janie and Maggs.

Too bright... Maggs needs sunglass.

Talked with an evaluator.  CUTE and friendly little Dachshund's and their kids.  The taller girl is from the local humane society and is more shy of dogs.  She is SO sweet with people though... leaned right into me when I was petting her. Really enjoyed meeting this group of dogs and their people.

I remove faces of strangers, especially children, out of
respect for privacy.  These kids were super sweet and
were out for a walk with their equally nice grandma.

A gazillion squirrels... ok, maybe just 12-15 that converged in the
trees by us and came across the road to chase just one up a tree.

Before any therapy work, had to get the CGC out of the way so we did that Saturday. This evaluator tests in an unpredictable community setting that incorporated random strangers and their dogs instead of a controlled classroom setting with known participants.  People passed by the area he set up... from kids to seniors... walkers, runners, and people on bikes, baby strollers... dogs and a herd of probably over a dozen squirrels chasing after one up a tree by us... a golf cart and cars because itís at the entrance of the center. From single people, to couples, to moms with kids, to a group of maybe 30 people walking together.  He said Bucky's a real nice dog and posted "great job working your dog." <cool>

Bucky helped with a little dog that was afraid of other dogs.  She had dropped to  her belly when we first met her and her owner in another area of the center... turning her head away, the lip licking calming signals. She asked if I knew the trainer, I told her we were heading down to see him for an evaluation.  She followed us back. A couple of ladies asked if it was ok to watch... I put Kobuck through a few of his commands.  His left/right paw lifts made them chuckle. :)  (I had hoped to take him out this weekend for long distance work on a training lead but we'll have to see what else is going on.)  The evaluator took the lady's shy girl through a 4 piece agility course and he had Kobuck do the same for maybe 10 minutes.  After, we were standing around talking and the lady's little dog came up to Kobuck wagging her tail and sniffed his face.  Her owner was surprised, said she has never done that since she was with her... she said her girl had come from a home with 14 dogs and she might have been bullied.  Sweet little dog that got a nice experience.

Putting up a picket fence to divide the yard.  I
need to prune the scraggly looking bushes after the
bloom.  It was a hard winter, with dead branches.

Work flowers.

Sprinkler boy.  When I tell him door, he goes to the deck and sits there.

Watching the water guys hook up a line next door.
Bucky: "Hey, I've been in a Bobcat before!"

Kind of like a heated lambskin blanket.

No brother to play jolly ball tug with but mom's filling my time with fun stuff.

Janie- Tubby, dried and now sleeping.

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OMgoodness, she's doing great!  Wondering if pain has made it so she wasn't listening worth a diddle.  Verbal left/right turns tonight, stop, slow, step-up and step-down... wow. Slow walking, running. She did the best job ever!  

A ride in the car for Coot on Saturday.  Stopped by the park with Buck but just for fun. The AKC evaluator we meet 2 weeks ago said he likes having Kobuck there... he's helped shy/fearful dogs to relax. Did a little long distance training afterward.  He sat at the feet of a Cocker Spaniel breeder who's shown... she knows OESs, surprised he was a small guy, loved how sweet he was. Everyone comments on what a great boy he is. A couple of ol' guys walking... one said he was a nice looking dog, the other offered me $20. ;)  He's just happy to "be".  Now squirrels, that's another story...

When she shook off the first hour or so she was home, blood would spatter.  Healing well and she's such a happy girl.

June 12th- No more meds to treat a useless eye, no more possible side effects from them either.  Early corneal ulcers last week probably the cause of her seeming off for a couple of weeks, pressures slightly high so changed frequency of drops to every other day. Bloodwork normal, thyroid normal.  Wondering if the maternal side had the autoimmune lymphocytic thyroiditis that caused Darby & Emma's hypothyroidism and not the paternal. Three eye drops and a gel will go to someone else who may need them. She looks like she's gone a round with a prize fighter, the cone causes her to over-correct when she bumps it but she's doing really good.  Came home walking around, wiggling, barking, wanting food.  1 tramadol every 8 hours for probably 3 days along with metacam... continue metacam for an additional 2-3 days.  Augmentin to prevent infection.  Need to ask if her slightly enlarged heart could be due to her having been so athletic.  Will miss seeing the pretty blue eye but not the pain it caused at times.

Smelling the flowers

Initiating play with with Kobuck.

Dog dock diving. (Not us.)

Oh my... that can't be right.  Before bath.

Outdoor tubby.  I ran in to get the shampoo and came
out to find this... so I had to go back in to get the camera.

All clean, drying off.

Emmie swim-swim in the pool that she
sometimes gets confused with a Poodle.

Bell's first time playing in the pool here.  NOT a
water dog but by the time we were finished, she
climbed in and stand for a short time.  We'll see...

Water is for drinking, not for playing in.

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