Yeah, there's just a little difference in size.
Kaytee & Bumble - 50 lbs vs. 88 lbs

Kaytee got her bumblebee refill.
Cupcakes are coming in from PetEdge!

Helloooooo There!
Meesha & Bumble playing. What??


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Look at all those people up on the neighbor's roof!
Yup, their getting a new roof and we get to watch.

Emma had a tubby and a trim. 

Alfresco Grooming! 

Grooming on the porch!  Emma, Darby and Panda loved the change of scenery and choose to stand the entire time.  Emmie got to see the 2 Beagles and English Setter out for their walks and also the FedEx Ground delivery man. 

Time to start looking for a second couch.  I'd love to find a looong
naugahyde couch that would fill the north wall of the living room!

The moon last night when I took Kaytee outside.  It was sooo humid.

Round 1

Round 2


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